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Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Date News
07.09.2023 Congratulations to Dr. Nikola Majstorovic
05.06.2023 Toughening of Bio-Based PA 6.19 by Copolymerization with PA 6.6 – Synthesis and Production of Melt-Spun Monofilaments and Knitted Fabrics
13.01.2023 Competition between Hydrolysis and Radical Ring-Opening Polymerization of MDO in Water. Who Makes the Race?
06.12.2022 Synthesis, Characterization, and the Potential for Closed Loop Recycling of Plant Oil-Based PA X.19 Polyamides
29.11.2022 Hybrid Polymer Electrolyte Encased Cathode Particles Interface-Based Core–Shell Structure for High-Performance Room Temperature All-Solid-State Batteries
29.11.2022 Extention of the CRC Microplastic
03.11.2022 Investigation of the Thermal Stability of Proteinase K for the Melt Processing of Poly(L-lactide)
25.10.2022 Surface-Compartmentalized Micelles by Stereocomplex-Driven Self-Assembly
10.10.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Adrian Wambach
12.08.2022 Electrospinning of 1D Fiber-Like Block Copolymer Micelles with a Crystalline Core
11.08.2022 Stretchable and Fast Composting Polyester Films with High-Performance Oxygen Barrier
18.07.2022 Filtration of Paint-Contaminated Water by Electrospun Membranes
16.07.2022 Disentangling biological effects of primary nanoplastics from dispersion paints' additional compounds
25.05.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Mahsa Mafi
02.05.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Ann-Kathrin Müller
17.04.2022 ICC Young Scientist Award for Xiaojian Liao
23.03.2022 Functional Mesostructured Electrospun Polymer Nonwovens with Supramolecular Nanofibers
17.03.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Christian Hils
08.03.2022 Efficient Synthesis and Wetting Characteristics of Amphiphilic Galactose-PLA Block Copolymers: A Potential Additive for the Accelerated Biodegradation of Micro‐ and Nanoplastics
04.03.2022 Meeting the Needs of a Potent Carrier for Malaria Treatment: Encapsulation of Artemisone in Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) Micro- and Nanoparticles
25.02.2022 High Barrier, Biodegradable Nanocomposite Films Based on Clay-Coated and Chemically Modified Gum Kondagogu
15.02.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Mina Heidari
07.02.2022 Self-Assembled Fluorescent Block Copolymer Micelles with Responsive Emission
04.02.2022 Realizing shape and size control for the synthesis of coordination polymer nanoparticles templated by diblock copolymer micelles
26.01.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Qiang Gao
19.01.2022 Biomimetic gill-inspired membranes with direct-through micropores for water remediation by efficiently removing microplastic particles
16.12.2021 Tailor-made compostable Polyurethanes
16.12.2021 Size-Dependent Catalytic Behavior of Gold Nanoparticles
13.12.2021 Morphology and Degradation of Multicompartment Microparticles Based on Semi-Crystalline Polystyrene-block-Polybutadiene-block-Poly(L-lactide) Triblock Terpolymers
06.12.2021 Fast Hydrolyzable Constitutional Isomer of Poly(butylene terephthalate) and Its Copolyesters with 1,4-Butanediol
30.11.2021 Congratulations to Dr. Chen Liang
12.10.2021 Sustainable Electrospun Affinity Membranes for Water Remediation by Removing Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
20.09.2021 Janus Micelles by Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic, Double Crystalline Triblock Terpolymer
17.09.2021 Balancing Degradability and Physical Properties of Amorphous Poly (D, L‐lactide) by Making Blends
18.06.2021 Hierarchical Superstructures by Combining Crystallization-Driven and Molecular Self-Assembly
12.06.2021 Blends of Bio-Based Poly(Limonene Carbonate) with Commodity Polymers
08.06.2021 Hyperbranched and Hyperstar Polybutadienes via Anionic Self-Condensing Vinyl Copolymerization
02.06.2021 Direct electrospinning of cellulose in the DBU-CO2 switchable solvent system
21.05.2021 Interfacial Polymerization at the Alkane/Ionic Liquid Interface
04.05.2021 Patchy Micelles with a Crystalline Core: Self-Assembly Concepts, Properties, and Applications
02.04.2021 Plastic Pollution : A Material Problem?
24.03.2021 Preparation and Performance Assessment of Low-Pressure Affinity Membranes Based on Functionalized, Electrospun Polyacrylates for Gold Nanoparticle Filtration
26.01.2021 Frustrated Microparticle Morphologies of a Semicrystalline Triblock Terpolymer in 3D Soft Confinement
02.01.2021 Theoretical and Experimental Study of Monofunctional Vinyl Cyclopropanes Bearing Hydrogen Bond Enabling Side Chains
30.12.2020 Photobiologically Directed Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles
23.12.2020 Enhanced Water Harvesting System and Mechanical Performance from Janus Fibers with Polystyrene and Cellulose Acetate
09.12.2020 Environmental exposure enhances the internalization of microplastic particles into cells
07.10.2020 Compressible Carbon Sponges from Delignified Wood for Fast Cleanup and Enhanced Recovery of Crude Oil Spills by Joule Heat and Photothermal Effect
15.09.2020 Synthesis of Biobased Polycarbonate by Copolymerization of Menth-2-ene Oxide and CO2 with Exceptional Thermal Stability
09.09.2020 Synthesis of Zn-based 1D and 2D coordination polymer nanoparticles in block copolymer micelles
24.08.2020 UCST‐Type Copolymer through the Combination of Water‐Soluble Polyacrylamide and Polycaprolactone‐Like Polyester
11.08.2020 Perfusion Cultivation of Artificial Liver Extracellular Matrix in Fibrous Polymer Sponges Biomimicking Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
02.07.2020 Tree Gum–Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Films as Gas Barriers
02.07.2020 Layering‐Triggered Delayering with Exfoliated High‐Aspect Ratio Layered Silicate for Enhanced Gas Barrier, Mechanical Properties, and Degradability of Biodegradable Polymers
02.07.2020 Biodegradable Polymers : Present Opportunities and Challenges in Providing a Microplastic-Free Environment
02.07.2020 Breathable and Flexible Polymer Membranes with Mechanoresponsive Electric Resistance
02.07.2020 Confined crystallization of spin-crossover nanoparticles in block-copolymer micelles
02.07.2020 Controlling Polymer Microfiber Structure by Micro Solution Blow Spinning
02.07.2020 Ultralight, structurally stable electrospun sponges with tailored hydrophilicity as a novel material platform
02.07.2020 Recycling non-food-grade tree gum wastes into nanoporous carbon for sustainable energy harvester
29.06.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Julia Kronawitt
15.06.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Xiaojian Liao
27.04.2020 Converting Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) into a Triple‐Responsive Polymer
27.04.2020 Functionalization of Poly(para‐xylylene)s—Opportunities and Challenges as Coating Material
27.04.2020 Poly(p-xylylene) Nanotubes Decorated with Nonagglomerated Gold Nanoparticles for the Alcoholysis of Dimethylphenylsilane
11.04.2020 Unlocking the Processability and Recyclability of Biobased Poly(limonene carbonate)
02.04.2020 Polarized blue photoluminescence of mesoscopically ordered electrospun non-conjugated polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
30.01.2020 Electrospinning of ABS nanofibers and their high filtration performance
23.01.2020 Impact of the Fiber Length Distribution on Porous Sponges Originating from Short Electrospun Fibers Made from Polymer Yarn
20.12.2019 Influence of patch size and chemistry on the catalytic activity of patchy hybrid nonwovens
13.12.2019 High strength in combination with high toughness in robust and sustainable polymeric materials
13.11.2019 New Paper: Virtually Wall-Less Tubular Sponges as Compartmentalized Reaction Containers
22.08.2019 Generalized and feasible strategy to prepare ultra-porous, low density, compressible carbon nanoparticle sponges
16.08.2019 New Paper: Precise 2D‐patterned Incompatible Catalysts for Reactions in One‐pot
11.07.2019 New Paper: Mesostructured Nonwovens with Penguin Downy Feather‐Like Morphology—Top‐Down Combined with Bottom‐Up
01.07.2019 Poster Award for Chenzhang Xu and Qiang Gao
25.06.2019 Electronspin Conference 2019 in Shanghai
05.06.2019 New Paper: Hyperbranched Fractal Nanocarbons for Bright Photoluminescence in Solid State
09.05.2019 Wolf–Lamb-type Catalysis in One Pot Using Electrospun Polymeric Catalyst Membranes
08.05.2019 Synthesis and self-assembly of biobased poly(limonene carbonate)-block-poly(cyclohexene carbonate) diblock copolymers prepared by sequential ring-opening copolymerization
24.04.2019 Air‐Blowing‐Assisted Coaxial Electrospinning toward High Productivity of Core/Sheath and Hollow Fibers
24.04.2019 Sustainable Approach to Superhydrophobic Surfaces Based on Water‐Born Electrospinning
24.04.2019 High‐Temperature Spray‐Dried Polymer/Bacteria Microparticles for Electrospinning of Composite Nonwovens
24.04.2019 Preparation of Biocomposite Microfibers Ready for Processing into Biologically Active Textile Fabrics for Bioremediation
24.04.2019 Filter‐Through Method of Making Highly Efficient Polymer‐Clay Nanocomposite Membranes
28.02.2019 New Paper: Gradient-Structured Nonflammable Flexible Polymer Membranes
18.02.2019 Electrospun Bacteria‐Gold Nanoparticle/Polymer Composite Mesofiber Nonwovens for Catalytic Application
31.01.2019 Controlled-Release LCST‐Type Nonwoven Depots via Squeezing-Out Thermal Response
14.01.2019 Synthesis and properties evaluation of quaternized polyurethanes as antibacterial adhesives
02.01.2019 New Paper: Interpenetrating thermophobic and thermophilic dual responsive networks
08.11.2018 New Paper: Progress in the Field of Water- and/or Temperature-Triggered Polymer Actuators
24.10.2018 New Publication: A fluorescein-centered polymer as a phosphor for fabricating pure white light-emitting diodes
24.10.2018 New Publication: Redispersible Gold Nanoparticle/Polymer Composite Powders Ready for Ligand Exchange Reactions
09.07.2018 New paper: ​Electrospun nanofiber reinforced composites: a review
12.06.2018 New Paper: Preparation of Biocomposite Microfibers Ready for Processing into Biologically Active Textile Fabrics for Bioremediation
31.05.2018 2018 WITec Paper Award for Outstanding Scientific Publications
20.04.2018 New Paper: Composite Polymeric Membranes with Directionally Embedded Fibers for Controlled Dual Actuation
20.03.2018 New Paper: Ultraporous, Compressible, Wettable Polylactide/Polycaprolactone Sponges for Tissue Engineering
15.03.2018 Combining 3D Printing with Electrospinning for Rapid Response and Enhanced Designability of Hydrogel Actuators
27.02.2018 New Paper: Low Density, Thermally Stable, and Intrinsic Flame Retardant Poly(bis(benzimidazo)Benzophenanthrolinedione) Sponge
14.02.2018 New Paper:​ Polymer nanofibre composite nonwovens with metal-like electrical conductivity
18.12.2017 Spin-Crossover Iron(II) Coordination Polymer with Fluorescent Properties: Correlation between Emission Properties and Spin State
30.10.2017 New Paper: Nanofibre preparation of non-processable polymers by solid-state polymerization of molecularly self-assembled monomers
16.10.2017 New Paper: Mesostructured ZnO/Au nanoparticle composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
14.09.2017 Exploration of the Electrical Conductivity of Double-Network Silver Nanowires/Polyimide Porous Low-Density Compressible Sponges
25.08.2017 New Paper:Ultralight, Thermally Insulating, Compressible Polyimide Fiber Assembled Sponges
18.08.2017 New Paper: Exploration of Macroporous Polymeric Sponges As Drug Carriers
25.07.2017 New Paper: Tailoring the Morphology of Responsive Bioinspired Bicomponent Fibers
18.07.2017 New Paper: Hyperbranched polyesters as biodegradable and antibacterial additives
23.06.2017 Fate of So-Called Biodegradable Polymers in Seawater and Freshwater
23.06.2017 Our article „ Fate of So-Called Biodegradable Polymers in Seawater and Freshwater“ has been highlighted on news website AdvancedScienceNews.com.
16.06.2017 New Review coauthored by Shaohua Jiang, Seema Agarwal and Andreas Greiner published in Angewandte Chemie
16.06.2017 New Review: Low‐Density Open Cellular Sponges as Functional Materials
10.05.2017 Poly(amino acid)-Based Gel Fibers with pH Responsivity by Coaxial Reactive Electrospinning
04.05.2017 Elimination of Schistosoma mansoni in infected mice by slow release of artemisone
29.03.2017 Biobased Polycarbonate as a Gas Separation Membrane and “Breathing Glass” for Energy Saving Applications
29.03.2017 Advanced Science News highlights our work about biobased polycarbonate as BREATHING GLASS
24.03.2017 New Paper: Electrogenic Single‐Species Biocomposites as Anodes for Microbial Fuel Cells
22.03.2017 Ultralight sponges of poly(para-xylylene) by template-assisted chemical vapour deposition
01.03.2017 Controlled release of artemisone for the treatment of experimental cerebral malaria
15.02.2017 Self-Rolled Porous Hollow Tubes Made up of Biodegradable Polymers
15.02.2017 Compaction and Transmembrane Delivery of pDNA: Differences between l-PEI and Two Types of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
14.02.2017 Spongy Gels by a Top-Down Approach from Polymer Fibrous Sponges
30.01.2017 Unlocking Nanocarriers for the Programmed Release of Antimalarial Drugs
06.12.2016 Bottom‐Up Meets Top‐Down: Patchy Hybrid Nonwovens as an Efficient Catalysis Platform
23.11.2016 New Paper: Highly Efficient Reusable Sponge-Type Catalyst Carriers Based on Short Electrospun Fibers
08.10.2016 Biosorption of copper from aqueous environments by Micrococcus luteus in cell suspension and when encapsulated
05.10.2016 Tunable, concentration-independent, sharp, hysteresis-free UCST phase transition from poly(N-acryloyl glycinamide-acrylonitrile) system
22.09.2016 One-Component Dual Actuation: Poly(NIPAM) Can Actuate to Stable 3D Forms with Reversible Size Change
06.09.2016 Tensile versus AFM Testing of Electrospun PVA Nanofibers: Bridging the Gap from Microscale to Nanoscale
28.07.2016 Polyimide Nanofibers by “Green” Electrospinning via Aqueous Solution for Filtration Applications
20.07.2016 Dendrons as active clicking tool for generating non-leaching antibacterial materials
07.07.2016 Wie Mikroorganismen und Elektroden interagieren
15.06.2016 Bio-based polycarbonate as synthetic toolbox
09.06.2016 Structural Exploration of Phantom Oligoguanidine from Asymmetric Diamine and Guanidine Hydrochloride
09.06.2016 Protection of Vine Plants against Esca Disease by Breathable Electrospun Antifungal Nonwovens
09.06.2016 Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on Gold Nanorods Using Functionalized Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) as Polymeric “Glue”
24.05.2016 Biodegradable Aliphatic–Aromatic Polyester With Antibacterial Property
11.04.2016 Photo-polymerizable, low shrinking modular construction kit with high efficiency based on vinylcyclopropanes
21.03.2016 Ultralight open cell polymer sponges with advanced properties by PPX CVD coating Gaigai Duan, Shaohua Jiang, Tobias Moss, Seema Agarwal and Andreas Greiner Polym. Chem., 2016, 7, 2759-2764.
21.03.2016 New book coauthored by Seema Agarwal, Matthias Burgard, Andreas Greiner and Joachim Wendorff Electrospinning: A Practical Guide to Nanofibers (De Gruyter Textbook)
17.03.2016 New Paper: Patchy Wormlike Micelles with Tailored Functionality by Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly: A Versatile Platform for Mesostructured Hybrid Materials
12.02.2016 New Paper: pH dependent thermoresponsive behavior of acrylamide–acrylonitrile UCST-type copolymers in aqueous media
11.02.2016 New Paper: "“Patchy” Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient Compatibilizers for Polymer Blends"
25.01.2016 New Paper: Quantitative Comparison of the Antimicrobial Efficiency of Leaching versus Nonleaching Polymer Material
11.01.2016 New Paper: Wet-Laid Meets Electrospinning: Nonwovens for Filtration Applications from Short Electrospun Polymer Nanofiber Dispersions
28.12.2015 New Paper: Giving Direction to Motion and Surface with Ultra-Fast Speed Using Oriented Hydrogel Fibers
04.12.2015 New Paper: Self-Organization of Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies with 3D Spatial Order and Their External Stimuli Responsiveness
02.12.2015 International Polymer Conference
07.10.2015 New Paper: Chemical vapour deposition of soluble poly(p-xylylene) copolymers with tuneable properties
06.10.2015 New Paper: Polymerkäfige als universelles Hilfsmittel für die präzise Bottom-up-Synthese metallischer Nanopartikel
24.09.2015 New Paper: Synthesis and Enzymatic Degradation of Soft Aliphatic Polyesters
24.09.2015 joint paper discussed in an interview with Chemical Engineering News
20.09.2015 Bayreuth Polymer Symposium
15.09.2015 New Paper: Large Multipurpose Exceptionally Conductive Polymer Sponges Obtained by Efficient Wet-Chemical Metallization
09.09.2015 New Paper: Living Composites of Electrospun Yeast Cells for Bioremediation and Ethanol Production
08.09.2015 New Paper: Bio-based polycarbonate from limonene oxide and CO2 with high molecular weight, excellent thermal resistance, hardness and transparency
27.08.2015 New Paper: Enzymatically Degradable Polyester-Based Adhesives
19.08.2015 New Paper: Two-in-One Composite Fibers With Side-by-Side Arrangement of Silk Fibroin and Poly(l-lactide) by Electrospinning
22.07.2015 New Paper: LCST and UCST in One: Double Thermoresponsive Behavior of Block Copolymers of Poly(ethylene glycol) and Poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile)
17.07.2015 New Paper: Selective Template Removal by Thermal Depolymerization to Obtain Mesostructured Oxycarbide
16.06.2015 New Paper: Renaissance for low shrinking resins: all-in-one solution by bi-functional vinylcyclopropane-amides
27.05.2015 New Paper: Does it have to be carbon? Metal anodes in microbial fuel cells and related bioelectrochemical systems
24.05.2015 Ultralight 3D Electrospun Nanofiber Sponge for tissue engineering
21.05.2015 New Paper: Polymer/Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials of Precise Dimensions by Size-Exclusive Fishing of Metal Nanoparticles
22.04.2015 New Paper: Highways for ions in polymers – 3D-imaging of electrochemical interphase formation
21.04.2015 New Paper: Reversible Gold Nanorod Alignment in Mechano-Responsive Elastomers
07.04.2015 New Paper: Living Composites of Bacteria and Polymers as Biomimetic Films for Metal Sequestration and Bioremediation
30.03.2015 New Paper: Ultralight, Soft Polymer Sponges by Self-Assembly of Short Electrospun Fibers in Colloidal Dispersions
13.03.2015 New Paper: Agarwal S. (2015) Functional (bio)degradable polyesters by radical ring-opening polymerization. In: Stoyko Fakirov (ed.) Biodegradable polyesters, pp. 25, Wiley-VCH.
09.03.2015 New Paper: Antibacterial 45S5 Bioglass®-based scaffolds reinforced with genipin cross-linked gelatin for bone tissue engineering
23.02.2015 New Paper: Synthesis of liquid crystalline thioether-functionalized hydroxypropyl cellulose esters
13.02.2015 New Paper: Thermophilic films and fibers from photo cross-linkable UCST-type polymers
19.01.2015 New Paper: Low volume shrinkage of polymers by photopolymerization of 1,1-bis(ethoxycarbonyl)-2-vinylcyclopropanes
18.12.2014 New Paper: Thermoresponsive Gold Nanoparticles with Positive UCST-Type Thermoresponsivity
15.12.2014 New Paper: Preparing a pseudo-solid by the reinforcement of a polydentate thioether using silver nanoparticles
08.12.2014 New Paper: Preparation of Conductive Gold Nanowires in Confined Environment of Gold-Filled Polymer Nanotubes
19.08.2014 New Paper: One-Step Preparation of Reduction-Responsive Biodegradable Polymers as Efficient Intracellular Drug Delivery Platforms
04.08.2014 New Paper: Solvent-Free Aqueous Dispersions of Block Copolyesters for Electrospinning of Biodegradable Nonwoven Mats for Biomedical Applications
30.07.2014 New Paper: Design of Soft Materials from Liquid Triblock Co-Oligomers and Metal Nanoparticles
18.06.2014 New Paper: A Non-ionic Thermophilic Hydrogel with Positive Thermosensitivity in Water and Electrolyte Solution
16.05.2014 New Paper: Template Assisted Change in Morphology from Particles to Nanofibers by Side-by-Side Electrospinning of Block Copolymers
07.05.2014 New Paper: A Rare Example of the Formation of Polystyrene-Grafted Aliphatic Polyester in One-Pot by Radical Polymerization
22.04.2014 New Paper: Importance of compositional homogeneity of macromolecular chains for UCST-type transitions in water: Controlled versus conventional radical polymerization
02.04.2014 New Paper: Tea-Bag-Like Polymer Nanoreactors Filled with Gold Nanoparticles
31.03.2014 New Paper: Highly Flexible and Tough Concentric Triaxial Polystyrene Fibers
25.03.2014 New Paper: Functional 2-methylene-1,3-dioxepane terpolymer: a versatile platform to construct biodegradable polymeric prodrugs for intracellular drug delivery
02.12.2013 New Paper: Oligomeric dual functional antibacterial polycaprolactone

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