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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Congratulations to Dr. Mahsa Mafi


Thesis Title: Synthesis, Preparation and Characterization of Living Biocomposites


Ben David, Noa; Mafi, Mahsa; Nyska, Abraham; Gross, Adi; Greiner, Andreas; Mizrahi, Boaz
Bacillus subtilis in PVA Microparticles for Treating Open Wounds
in ACS Omega volume 6 (2021) issue 21. - page 13647-13653

Mafi, Mahsa; Greiner, Andreas
Bioremediation of Copper-Ions by Polymer Encapsulated and Immobilized Micrococcus Luteus
in Macromolecular Bioscience volume 21 (2021) issue 11

Mafi, Mahsa; Kushmaro, Ariel; Greenblatt, Charles; Agarwal, Seema; Greiner, Andreas
Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Hydrogel Microparticles with Soft Barrier Shell for the Encapsulation of Mi ...
in Macromolecular Bioscience volume 21 (2021) issue 5

Cheong, Jun Young; Mafi, Mahsa; Benker, Lothar; Zhu, Jian; Mader, Michael; Liang, Chen; Hou, Haoqing; Agarwal, Seema; Kim, Il-Doo; Greiner, Andreas
Ultralight, structurally stable electrospun sponges with tailored hydrophilicity as a novel mat ...
in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces volume 12 (2020) . - page 18002-18011

Reich, Steffen; Kaiser, Patrick; Mafi, Mahsa; Schmalz, Holger; Rhinow, Daniel; Freitag, Ruth; Greiner, Andreas
High‐Temperature Spray‐Dried Polymer/Bacteria Microparticles for Electrospinning of Composite N ...
in Macromolecular Bioscience volume 19 (2019) issue 5

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