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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Date News
25.05.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Mahsa Mafi
02.05.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Ann-Kathrin Müller
17.04.2022 ICC Young Scientist Award for Xiaojian Liao
23.03.2022 Functional Mesostructured Electrospun Polymer Nonwovens with Supramolecular Nanofibers
17.03.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Christian Hils
04.03.2022 Meeting the Needs of a Potent Carrier for Malaria Treatment: Encapsulation of Artemisone in Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) Micro- and Nanoparticles
25.02.2022 High Barrier, Biodegradable Nanocomposite Films Based on Clay-Coated and Chemically Modified Gum Kondagogu
15.02.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Mina Heidari
07.02.2022 Self-Assembled Fluorescent Block Copolymer Micelles with Responsive Emission
04.02.2022 Realizing shape and size control for the synthesis of coordination polymer nanoparticles templated by diblock copolymer micelles
26.01.2022 Congratulations to Dr. Qiang Gao
19.01.2022 Biomimetic gill-inspired membranes with direct-through micropores for water remediation by efficiently removing microplastic particles

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