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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Date News
27.04.2020 Poly(p-xylylene) Nanotubes Decorated with Nonagglomerated Gold Nanoparticles for the Alcoholysis of Dimethylphenylsilane
27.04.2020 Converting Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) into a Triple‐Responsive Polymer
27.04.2020 Functionalization of Poly(para‐xylylene)s—Opportunities and Challenges as Coating Material
11.04.2020 Unlocking the Processability and Recyclability of Biobased Poly(limonene carbonate)
02.04.2020 Polarized blue photoluminescence of mesoscopically ordered electrospun non-conjugated polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
30.01.2020 Electrospinning of ABS nanofibers and their high filtration performance
23.01.2020 Impact of the Fiber Length Distribution on Porous Sponges Originating from Short Electrospun Fibers Made from Polymer Yarn

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