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Spongy Gels by a Top-Down Approach from Polymer Fibrous Sponges

S. Jiang, G. Duan, U. Kuhn, M. Mörl, V. Altstädt, A. L. Yarin, A. Greiner Angew.Chem. Int.Ed. 2017, 56,3285 –3288.


Ultralight cellular sponges offer a unique set of properties. We show here that solvent uptake by these sponges results in new gel-like materials, which we term spongy gels. The appearance of the spongy gels is very similar to classic organogels. Usually, organogels are formed by a bottom-up process. In contrast, the spongy gels are formed by a top-down approach that offers numerous advantages for the design of their properties, reproducibility, and stability. 


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News 21.04.2017

Unlocking Nanocarriers for the Programmed Release of Antimalarial Drugsa

A. R. Bagheri, S. Agarwal, J. Golenser, A. Greiner Global Challenges 2017, DOI: 10.1002/gch2.201600011.


A programmable release system with wide range of release profiles of the antimalarial artemisone (ART) from fibrous nanocarriers (NFN) is presented. This is achieved following a new paradigm of using ART-loaded NFN in infusion system of hydrophobic drug eluting nanocarriers, adapted to clinical applications. Very importantly, under these conditions ART did not degrade as it was observed in solution.

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