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Strategies for the selective loading of patchy worm-like micelles with functional nanoparticles

J. Schöbel; C. Hils; A. Weckwerth; M. Schlenk; C. Bojer; M. C. A. Stuart; J. Breu; S. Förster; A. Greiner; M. Karg; H. Schmalz

Nanoscale 2018, in print.


Block copolymer self-assembly in solution paves the way to the construction of well-defined compartmentalized nanostructures. These are excellent templates for the incorporation and stabilisation of nanoparticles (NPs), giving rise to highly relevant applications in the field of catalysis or sensing. However, the regio-selective incorporation of NPs in specific compartments is still an issue, especially concerning the loading with different NP types. Using crystallisation-driven self-assembly (CDSA), functional worm-like crystalline-core micelles (wCCMs) with a tailor-made, nanometre-sized patchy corona were prepared as versatile templates for the incorporation and stabilisation of metal and metal oxide NPs.


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New Review  by S. Jiang, Y. Chen, G. Duan, C. Mei, A. Greiner & S. Agarwal published in Polymer Chemistry

"Electrospun nanofiber reinforced composites: a review''

DOI: 10.1039/C8PY00378E


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News 18.10.2018

Anisotropic microfibres of a liquid-crystalline diketopyrrolopyrrole by self-assembly-assisted electrospinning

M. Hechta, B. Soberats, J. Zhuc, V. Stepanenkoa, S. Agarwal, A. Greiner and F. Würthner

Nanoscale Horiz., 2018, Advance Article.

Electrospinning is a well-established technique for the preparation of nanofibres from polymer solution or melt, however it is rarely applied for small molecules. Here we report a unique example of a liquid-crystalline (LC) diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) dye that was successfully used for electrospinning. Micrometric fibres with anisotropic alignment of DPP dye were produced by this process as shown by polarized optical microscopy and selected area electron diffraction. This newly designed DPP dye self-assembles in solution by hydrogen bonding and π–π-interactions and forms columnar LC phases in the bulk. X-ray scattering and polarized FT-IR studies in the LC state revealed a hierarchical arrangement of DPP molecules into columnar structures. The successful preparation of anisotropic microfibers by electrospinning is attributed to the hydrogen bond-directed supramolecular polymerization of the new DPP dye in solution and its LC properties.

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