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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Date News
20.12.2019 Influence of patch size and chemistry on the catalytic activity of patchy hybrid nonwovens
13.12.2019 High strength in combination with high toughness in robust and sustainable polymeric materials
13.11.2019 New Paper: Virtually Wall-Less Tubular Sponges as Compartmentalized Reaction Containers
22.08.2019 Generalized and feasible strategy to prepare ultra-porous, low density, compressible carbon nanoparticle sponges
16.08.2019 New Paper: Precise 2D‐patterned Incompatible Catalysts for Reactions in One‐pot
11.07.2019 New Paper: Mesostructured Nonwovens with Penguin Downy Feather‐Like Morphology—Top‐Down Combined with Bottom‐Up
01.07.2019 Poster Award for Chenzhang Xu and Qiang Gao
25.06.2019 Electronspin Conference 2019 in Shanghai
05.06.2019 New Paper: Hyperbranched Fractal Nanocarbons for Bright Photoluminescence in Solid State
09.05.2019 Wolf–Lamb-type Catalysis in One Pot Using Electrospun Polymeric Catalyst Membranes
08.05.2019 Synthesis and self-assembly of biobased poly(limonene carbonate)-block-poly(cyclohexene carbonate) diblock copolymers prepared by sequential ring-opening copolymerization
24.04.2019 Air‐Blowing‐Assisted Coaxial Electrospinning toward High Productivity of Core/Sheath and Hollow Fibers
24.04.2019 Sustainable Approach to Superhydrophobic Surfaces Based on Water‐Born Electrospinning
24.04.2019 High‐Temperature Spray‐Dried Polymer/Bacteria Microparticles for Electrospinning of Composite Nonwovens
24.04.2019 Preparation of Biocomposite Microfibers Ready for Processing into Biologically Active Textile Fabrics for Bioremediation
24.04.2019 Filter‐Through Method of Making Highly Efficient Polymer‐Clay Nanocomposite Membranes
28.02.2019 New Paper: Gradient-Structured Nonflammable Flexible Polymer Membranes
18.02.2019 Electrospun Bacteria‐Gold Nanoparticle/Polymer Composite Mesofiber Nonwovens for Catalytic Application
31.01.2019 Controlled-Release LCST‐Type Nonwoven Depots via Squeezing-Out Thermal Response
14.01.2019 Synthesis and properties evaluation of quaternized polyurethanes as antibacterial adhesives
02.01.2019 New Paper: Interpenetrating thermophobic and thermophilic dual responsive networks

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