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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal

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Date News
28.12.2015 New Paper: Giving Direction to Motion and Surface with Ultra-Fast Speed Using Oriented Hydrogel Fibers
04.12.2015 New Paper: Self-Organization of Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies with 3D Spatial Order and Their External Stimuli Responsiveness
02.12.2015 International Polymer Conference
07.10.2015 New Paper: Chemical vapour deposition of soluble poly(p-xylylene) copolymers with tuneable properties
06.10.2015 New Paper: Polymerkäfige als universelles Hilfsmittel für die präzise Bottom-up-Synthese metallischer Nanopartikel
24.09.2015 New Paper: Synthesis and Enzymatic Degradation of Soft Aliphatic Polyesters
24.09.2015 joint paper discussed in an interview with Chemical Engineering News
20.09.2015 Bayreuth Polymer Symposium
15.09.2015 New Paper: Large Multipurpose Exceptionally Conductive Polymer Sponges Obtained by Efficient Wet-Chemical Metallization
09.09.2015 New Paper: Living Composites of Electrospun Yeast Cells for Bioremediation and Ethanol Production
08.09.2015 New Paper: Bio-based polycarbonate from limonene oxide and CO2 with high molecular weight, excellent thermal resistance, hardness and transparency
27.08.2015 New Paper: Enzymatically Degradable Polyester-Based Adhesives
19.08.2015 New Paper: Two-in-One Composite Fibers With Side-by-Side Arrangement of Silk Fibroin and Poly(l-lactide) by Electrospinning
22.07.2015 New Paper: LCST and UCST in One: Double Thermoresponsive Behavior of Block Copolymers of Poly(ethylene glycol) and Poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile)
17.07.2015 New Paper: Selective Template Removal by Thermal Depolymerization to Obtain Mesostructured Oxycarbide
16.06.2015 New Paper: Renaissance for low shrinking resins: all-in-one solution by bi-functional vinylcyclopropane-amides
27.05.2015 New Paper: Does it have to be carbon? Metal anodes in microbial fuel cells and related bioelectrochemical systems
24.05.2015 Ultralight 3D Electrospun Nanofiber Sponge for tissue engineering
21.05.2015 New Paper: Polymer/Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials of Precise Dimensions by Size-Exclusive Fishing of Metal Nanoparticles
22.04.2015 New Paper: Highways for ions in polymers – 3D-imaging of electrochemical interphase formation
21.04.2015 New Paper: Reversible Gold Nanorod Alignment in Mechano-Responsive Elastomers
07.04.2015 New Paper: Living Composites of Bacteria and Polymers as Biomimetic Films for Metal Sequestration and Bioremediation
30.03.2015 New Paper: Ultralight, Soft Polymer Sponges by Self-Assembly of Short Electrospun Fibers in Colloidal Dispersions
13.03.2015 New Paper: Agarwal S. (2015) Functional (bio)degradable polyesters by radical ring-opening polymerization. In: Stoyko Fakirov (ed.) Biodegradable polyesters, pp. 25, Wiley-VCH.
09.03.2015 New Paper: Antibacterial 45S5 Bioglass®-based scaffolds reinforced with genipin cross-linked gelatin for bone tissue engineering
23.02.2015 New Paper: Synthesis of liquid crystalline thioether-functionalized hydroxypropyl cellulose esters
13.02.2015 New Paper: Thermophilic films and fibers from photo cross-linkable UCST-type polymers
19.01.2015 New Paper: Low volume shrinkage of polymers by photopolymerization of 1,1-bis(ethoxycarbonyl)-2-vinylcyclopropanes

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