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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry II – Prof. Dr. Andreas Greiner (Macromolecular Chemistry & Technology) & Prof. Dr. Seema Agarwal (Advanced Sustainable Polymers)

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Date News
18.12.2014 New Paper: Thermoresponsive Gold Nanoparticles with Positive UCST-Type Thermoresponsivity
15.12.2014 New Paper: Preparing a pseudo-solid by the reinforcement of a polydentate thioether using silver nanoparticles
08.12.2014 New Paper: Preparation of Conductive Gold Nanowires in Confined Environment of Gold-Filled Polymer Nanotubes
19.08.2014 New Paper: One-Step Preparation of Reduction-Responsive Biodegradable Polymers as Efficient Intracellular Drug Delivery Platforms
04.08.2014 New Paper: Solvent-Free Aqueous Dispersions of Block Copolyesters for Electrospinning of Biodegradable Nonwoven Mats for Biomedical Applications
30.07.2014 New Paper: Design of Soft Materials from Liquid Triblock Co-Oligomers and Metal Nanoparticles
18.06.2014 New Paper: A Non-ionic Thermophilic Hydrogel with Positive Thermosensitivity in Water and Electrolyte Solution
16.05.2014 New Paper: Template Assisted Change in Morphology from Particles to Nanofibers by Side-by-Side Electrospinning of Block Copolymers
07.05.2014 New Paper: A Rare Example of the Formation of Polystyrene-Grafted Aliphatic Polyester in One-Pot by Radical Polymerization
22.04.2014 New Paper: Importance of compositional homogeneity of macromolecular chains for UCST-type transitions in water: Controlled versus conventional radical polymerization
02.04.2014 New Paper: Tea-Bag-Like Polymer Nanoreactors Filled with Gold Nanoparticles
31.03.2014 New Paper: Highly Flexible and Tough Concentric Triaxial Polystyrene Fibers
25.03.2014 New Paper: Functional 2-methylene-1,3-dioxepane terpolymer: a versatile platform to construct biodegradable polymeric prodrugs for intracellular drug delivery

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