Combined Raman-Imaging / Scanning Force Microscope System (WITec alpha 300 RA+)



  • Lasers: λ= 532 nm, 785 nm
  • Single Raman measurements
  • Raman Imaging: x/y, x/z, y/z, 3D
  • True Surface for rough samples
  • Polarized Raman
  • Resolution:  ca. 300 - 400 nm (lateral) and  900 nm (z) with 100x objective


  • Contact Mode
  • Tapping Mode (AC)
  • Pulsed Force Mode (PFM): In addition to topography Information about adhesion and stiffness
  • True Surface for rough samples

Co-local RAMAN/AFM measurements

Located: Building Polymer Nanostructures, Keylab "Optical and Electron Microscopy" of Bavarian Polymer Institute (BPI)

Universität Bayreuth -