Holger Schmalz
Holger Schmalz

Dr. Holger Schmalz

Akademischer Oberrat

contact data:

e-mail: holger.schmalz (at) uni-bayreuth.de
fon: 0921-554441
fax: 0921-554489
building: NW II room:

Present position: Akademischer Oberrat

Dr. rer. nat., University of Bayreuth (2002) (Prof. Dr. V. Abetz)

Title of PhD thesis:
“Development of Thermoplastic Elastomers with Improved Elastic Properties Based on Semicrystalline Block Copolymers”

Research interests in general:

• Block copolymer synthesis via living/controlled polymerization methods
• Self-assembly of semi-crystalline block copolymers in bulk and solution
• Raman imaging, co-lokalized Raman/AFM measurements
SFB 840: Von partikulären Nanosystemen zur Mesotechnologie


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