Xiaojian Liao
Xiaojian Liao

Xiaojian Liao

PhD student

contact data:

e-mail: Xiaojian.Liao (at) uni-bayreuth.de
fon: 0921-553307
fax: 0921-553393
building: NW II room: 4.2 02 797

Bachelor of Science, University of Jiangxi Normal University (2012)
Title of Bachelor thesis:
Preparation and Properties of MWCNTs/PI Composites with High Dielectric Permittivity
(with Prof. Hou)

Master of Science, University of Jiangxi Normal University (2015)
Tittle of Master thesis:
The Preparation and Performances of Polyimide-Matrix High Dielectric Composite
(with Prof. Hou)

Research interests:

  • Electrospinning and it’s application
  • Energy storage materials
  • Water purification
  • Carbon materials
  • Dielectric composite materials

Scientific publications:

[1] Xiaojian Liao, Yichun Ding, Haoqing Hou. Polyacrylonitrile-derived polyconjugated ladder structures for high performance all-organic dielectric materials. Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 10127-10130.

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