Li Liu  

Li Liu

E-Mail: Li1.Liu (at)
Tel: 0921-553308
Fax: 0921-3393
Building: NW II Bauteil 4.2 Room: 4.2 02 798

Bachelor of Engineering, Univeristy of Shaoxing (Zhejiang, China, 2009)
Title of Bachelor thesis:  Antibacterial and Mold Prevention Finishing of Viscose Knitted Fabric (with Dr. Jiangwei Yao)

Master of Engineering, University of Donghua (Shanghai, China, 2014)
Title of Master thesis: The Investigation of Nonwoven Uniformity Performance with the Application of Static Electricity to Spunbond Preocess (with Prof. Dr. Chuyang Zhang)

Research interests:
• Electrospinning, Actuator, LCST, Biodegradable Polymers

• Scholarship sponsored by “China Scholarship Council (CSC)”, Donghua University
• Chinese Government Scholarship for Master Student, Donghua University
• Four Utility Patents, Donghua University

Scientific publications:

[1] L. Liu, S. Jiang, Y. Sun, S. Agarwal, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2015, 26, 1021.

[2] L. Liu, A. Ghaemi, S. Gekle, S. Agarwal, Adv. Mater2016, 28, 9792.

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