Topics for Master and Bachelor thesis are available.

Please contact: greiner(at) and agarwal(at)

Topics for Master and Bachelor thesis:

We offer a wide variety of topics dealing with different aspects of polymer science such as synthesis of novel functional polymers by using different techniques like controlled radical polymerizations (ATRP and RAFT), anionic , condensation and polyaddition polymerization.  These combined with different polymer processing techniques like extrusion, electrospinning, chemical vapour deposition will provide functional polymer materials for a wide variety of applications like catalysis, fuel cells, water purification, metal sequestration, functional textiles and biomedical applications.

Topical research areas are:

• Functional polymer nanofibers by electrospinning
• Catalysis in polymer nanoconfinement
• Functional polymers for energy, pharmaceutical, medical, dental, and agricultural applications
• Light-weight polymer structures
• Biobased polymers
• Biodegradable polymers
• Smart (responsive) polymers
• Designed polymer surfaces (superhydrophobic, low-friction, antimicrobial, conductive)
• Polymer / bacteria composites
• Polymer- metal nanoparticle conjugates
• Colloidal polymer formulations for speciality processing
• Liquid crystalline polymers and supramolecular polymers
• Synthesis and self-assembly of block copolymers
• Synthesis of π-conjugated oligomers and polymers for optical applications

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